Saturday, 8 May 2010

This is a blog about lips and about life. It's about how great our bodies are and how important it is to celebrate them, love them, have fun with them.

I want to persuade you - and I hope most of you won't need much persuading - that the labia minora are as beautiful as the petals of a flower - and even more functional.

As for so called 'normality' - there is no normal flower shape or size: I may be a rhodedendron, you a rose, and your best friend a forget-me-not ... we are all beautiful.

I don't want this site to attract porn bunnies, and my guiding principle is that it should be somewhere you might encourage a young daughter to look, if she needs knowledge or reassurance about sex and sexual bits. So while I am going to encourage people to submit images, I'm asking for tasteful/abstract images. Flowers are good, line drawings might be ok, possibly I might accept an arty shot of you with a bow tied on yours ...or a wedding ring.

The theme is celebrate!

And here are 10 of the reasons why I've chosen to blog about women's bits:

1. Because I measure 5 cm (2 inches) at full stretch but I don't feel abnormal - I feel great

2. Because I rode horses and bikes lots as a child and never found it painful or uncomfortable

3. Because I had glorious sex for 20 years before realising anyone had an issue with labia

4. Because I learned that people have an issue with labia from a TV programme

5. Because after that programme I found myself apologising before taking my knickers off

6. Because no woman should ever apologise before taking her knickers off

7. Because men love looking at and playing with labia, perhaps as much as any other part of your body*

8. Because my mother is lippy and her mother was and probably her grandmother and her grandmother's grandmother too

9. Because having this part as a white family links us to our African ancestors, and current day Khoisan sisters

10. Because less isn't always more - in sex more can be more!

And so more of this tomorrow. While I want to make this blog generally positive I do also want to strike back at those who promote and profit from type IIa female circumcision - aka labiaplasty. I'll be asking you to help me by writing complaint letters to medical regulators about plastic surgeons who peddle myths about female genital cutting (and sometimes male).

Thanks for reading!

*The man I apologised to thought I was mad, said I'd answered his prayers by being so large and showed me the pictures he had on his iphone to prove it!


  1. It is very true that the vulva is the human flower, the labia minora are the petals, and the clitoris is the stamen. Linnaeus, the founder of biology, wrote in this vein in 1740.

  2. Brava! Human bodies are so diverse, many are inevitably far from the peaks of all the bell-shaped curves there are. They should be celebrated, not condemned, and certainly not modified to make them conform. I see you already link to the Intactivism Pages. I'll find a place among its anti-FGC pages where I can link back here.

  3. Hi,
    I love that you're putting normalness and intactness forward. I wonder, if we could sample opinions, what percentage of people actually think there is a problem with lippy-ness, and how do the IQs compare between the "no problem" and the "it's a problem" groups.

    What problem? Our perfectly evolved pleasure-receptive bits are a miracle to behold.

  4. You wrote: "Because no woman should ever apologise before taking her knickers off"

    I am a bloke, and that I soooo agree with you!!!!

    Yoni is supremely powerful, no matter its structure and appearance. When a woman lets another human see her vulva, it is great privilege for the other. And it is true that a fair number of us men are thrilled by you ladies with an Apron.

    I tell my wife that her vulva is about the least threatening thing in all of human anatomy. It is inviting and cuddly. If it has ample lips, it reaches out to to embrace the viewer.

    The porn industry has been to a considerable extent grounded in the taboos surrounding the vulva. Each time a proud woman over 30 uses the internet to show us what she looks like, in ways free of trashy lewdness, that is a blow against the porn empire.

    Lippy Lady, you are one hell of sex positive feminist leader. 50 years from now and thanks in good part to your kind, women over 30 will be removed from the scope of indecent exposure law.

  5. As long as they are symmetrical....Roast beef looking dangly bits aren't the most attractive thing but they certainly aren't a deal breaker....

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