Sunday, 20 February 2011

X-rated Flowers

This close-up of a petunia bud is one of Nex Ninek's striking natural world images on Flickr (used with permission of the photographer). Check them out

All flowers are wonderful things (with the possible exception of those drooping dyed lilies you get at the local garage). So I think that whether you're a petunia or a penstemon, a daisy or a dahlia, you should be proud.

And whatever you do, stay away from Morticia Addams and her scissors.


  1. Keep up the good work Lippy Girl, here are some news links on Female Genital Mutilation you may be interested in ;

    It makes my blood boil that this sort of thing goes on in Britain - I think people are just too scared of angering the PC mafia.
    Best Wishes

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  2. This image bears out my contention that we humans have flowers like the plant world. We call our flowers vulvas. One of the founders of modern biology, Linnaeus of Sweden, pointed out the analogies between flowers and human genitals around 1740. Even though he wrote his scientific work in Latin, his point led to a fair bit of blushing, cleared throats, and changed subjects. Many people prefer not to talk about genitalia. When human culture goes off the rails re the genitalia, it is hard to talk about it. The internet has changed all this.

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